🍬 What is CANDY?

CANDY is an experimental protocol with sweet tasty innovations in programmable money and governance. Based on the TRC20, the technical standard used for tokens within smart contracts on the TRON blockchain. This Project is in Beta!

🍭 How to get CANDY and GUMMI


💸 JustSwap

CANDY and GUMMI are currently listed on JustSwap, you can get them using TRX or any other Trc20 token (USDT, WTRX, BTT, SUN, USDJ, WIN, DICE, etc..)!

👨‍🌾 Farming

One of the best way to get more and more CANDY and GUMMI is via Farming.
CANDY and GUMMI are farmed by staking specific Tokens (Farming Tokens).
Farming Tokens can be staked and un-staked at any time, no Tokens can be lost during the operations.
Farmed CANDY and GUMMI are updated every second, can be withdrawn at any time and as many times as wanted. 


Keep an eye on the Farms page in order to join the best and most profitable farms!
Also reach to us in Telegram to stay up to date on our current plans.

Candy Treasury receive +10% of harvested tokens to finance future developments, at no cost to you.

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